Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hello ArielSimone Followers! I came to get you to bring you over to the new blog. I hope you come along and join me on my journey!!

Thanks for all of your support thus far!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stumble While You Can!

Since this past September i’ve been ready for spring to come, but I havent seen a budding blossom anywhere yet.There’s still 6 inches of snow on the ground and im not liking it one bit.

Sometimes its a good thing that I stay a year ahead of the seasons. Like right now, I’m producing my fall/winter collection for 2012. It gives me time to shop magazines,  pick up new boutique accounts, and participate in fashion weeks all over the US.

But sometimes I would really love to stay in the now. For one, its easy… I could be following trends instead of making them…

I recently began stumbling, thanks to my lovely Etsy team: Promotional Frenzy. And that’s provided me with so much inspiration, now I find it easy to be inspired in the comfort of my bedroom.
I encourage everyone to stumble: sign up at stumble.com, its a free site sharing application that allows you to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a site, and recommend it to your friends.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Here are some of my stumble found favorites:

This is a fashion blog, with amazing photos, links, videos, etc.

You can find music stations based on your mood, or a favorite artist. Like pandora but better!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Passion and Blessings

Whenever it’s time to write a blog my mind blanks out…. Its always been that way, even in high school when it was time to write those wonderful essays. Im clearly not a writer, and after being talked into starting a blog for work purposes, im still unsure that blogs are for non-writers…


I did want to recap the week, and just write SOMETHING.

When I meet people for the first time, they always ask how long i’ve had my company, and they’re always shocked to hear that someone my age has been independent since my sophmore year of college. Im 24 now, but have been dreaming about what I wanted to be since I was about 11 years young. I think I started pretty late, taking into account that ive wanted to be a fashion designer for a majority of my life.

Clearly, 11 years old is a bit young to run your own business, I mean, I didnt start my artistries til I was 14, and even then my time was conusmed sketching portraits and painting dogs. I had no idea how to sew, and neither did anyone else in my household, so I really didnt know how I was going to live up to my dreams.

Needless to say, life has unfolded how i’d dreamed as a young lady, and now im BLESSED to say that im still supporting myself and my territory and company is growing! Im also reading a great book right now thats helping me enlarge and let go of things that I really need to: The Girls Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business, by Susan Wilson Solovic.

I definately recommend this book to any female business owner, its a great, fast read and there are plenty of other female bosses out there doing their thing just like us.

Here I go, going blank again…

The photos above are all bathing suits from my new swim collection that can be seen at http://www.arielsimone.etsy.com/

Im updating and editing my online spaces continually, so make sure to check back often. And for all the ladies out there who are not a size 2, and the more modest women, dont think your not included. I do plus sized garments, and more than just brazillian bikinis too!

Until the next update, be blessed, have a great week, and check back often!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Trade With Elena

Last week I was approached on Etsy by a photographer wanted to make a trade! I was definately interested in the offer, flattered really!

Elena is a photographer, and after liking my work was interested in trading a photoshoot, for a garment of her choice! After some talks we decided that i'll be sending Elena three Spring/Summer items, and in return for a mini shoot shes doing with one of her on call models, shell pick her favorite, and send two back to me!

Im really excited to see the fun editoral things she does with a completely different location and vision! Take a look at Elena's website and Like her on her FB page:



And also check out my etsy page:


Ive been adding at least one new garment a week!

In a few weeks ill have the photos from her shoot, along with another shoot that im doing with one of my longtime models, so ill blog about them so you can see!

Have a great day world!