Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Trade With Elena

Last week I was approached on Etsy by a photographer wanted to make a trade! I was definately interested in the offer, flattered really!

Elena is a photographer, and after liking my work was interested in trading a photoshoot, for a garment of her choice! After some talks we decided that i'll be sending Elena three Spring/Summer items, and in return for a mini shoot shes doing with one of her on call models, shell pick her favorite, and send two back to me!

Im really excited to see the fun editoral things she does with a completely different location and vision! Take a look at Elena's website and Like her on her FB page:

And also check out my etsy page:

Ive been adding at least one new garment a week!

In a few weeks ill have the photos from her shoot, along with another shoot that im doing with one of my longtime models, so ill blog about them so you can see!

Have a great day world!


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